ALTO and Technology


Embracing technology


Here at ALTO, we understand the growing importance and necessity of technology in the world of logistics. Through our adoption and implementation of E.D.I., our customers can easily manage all of their product that is being handled by ALTO.  The real power behind this technology is that it allows our customers real time visibility and an extraordinary level of customization.  The information generated by the technology allows for ALTO to handle your business in the most efficient way possible. 


Our Warehouse Management System allows us to increase product movement, improve customer service, and enhance our distribution operations.  Utilizing this system allows us to improve our accuracy in billing and to more accurately manage our labor costs. With this added level of transparency, our clients can dictate and customize how their product is handled by our warehousing team.


At ALTO we always put our customers first.  Hoping to both modernize and simplify interactions with our customers, we adopted the usage of a Trucking Management system. This system allows for our clients to have a detailed and accurate breakdown of all services conducted by ALTO.  With an increased amount of data points to analyze, our trucking department can ensure an unparalleled level of accuracy and speed when handling your account