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Alto Trading International

Alto Trading International prides itself in sourcing the finest products to ship to its customers all around the globe. Our focus is to always put the customer’s needs at the forefront of each project. First, we meet with our customer to discover their desired product. We then work as a team to source the finest and most cost effective products to suit the requirements. Our added competitive advantage lies in our relationship with our sister companies that provide global shipping solutions.

Global Reach

Alto Trading International has the ability to source products from all over the globe. We have a great deal of experiencing sourcing goods from Europe, North America, as well as East Asia. Our constant flow of trading between these regions allows for us to quickly and efficiently source and ship the products you are seeking. We have worked over the years to stay up-to-date with all necessary licenses to trade fresh produce, meats, as well as alcoholic beverages.

A Glance at Our Capabilities


In the past decade as a business we have worked closely with high-grade, USDA approved cattle ranches here in California. Our team is constantly building relationships with the best cattle ranches in California and across the United States to find the highest quality of meat to export.


Organic Produce

Our PACA license allows for us to source and distribute the highest quality produce. Being in California, we have access to most every available form of produce. If you are seeking Organically grown produce, please feel free to contact our team.


California and italian wine

Our team has developed a close, working relationship with several fantastic wineries in both California and Italy. Our sister companies are approved by the Alcoholic Beverage Control, to store and ship alcoholic beverages.


Private Label baby formula

Alto Trading can source premium baby formulas made in the United States. Our infant formulas exceed the highest quality standards. Our formulas are nutritionally comparable to all expensive baby formula brands, meet or exceed FDA nutritional standards, and are easy to digest and has been well tolerated by babies. We also maintain other certifications for specific consumers. We are certified kosher.